NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX graphics processing units (GPUs) are the secret sauce behind some of the world’s biggest computer games. Its technology has been at the heart of the most powerful desktop and laptop computers and is effectively the brains of the computer’s imaging system. Yet outside the PC gaming market, many consumers may not understand how a GPU works to deliver an awesome gaming experience.

NVIDIA wanted to change this, by educating the wider market and hopefully sell more GPUs in the process. The Creative Engine’s solution was an interactive demo that could be installed on any laptop or desktop machine that featured an NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU.

NVIDIA wanted to debut the system in the US and chose to work with British retail experience specialist The Creative Engine on the strength of similar systems it had built for Sony, Intel and John Lewis.


The solution

The demo can be installed by store staff before they display the computers, so it’s not necessary for the manufacturer to travel around the country with installation media. Once launched, it runs through an attract loop, with videos of the latest games, calls to action and NVIDIA technology messages.

When the shopper comes over they can interact with the machine to learn more detail. Doing this pulls up the specs of the graphics card, processor, display size, resolution, memory, and so on. The detected specs in turn offer a deeper view of product selling points than the typical shelf-talker.

As Mostafa Ouanounou, Product Manager at The Creative Engine, explains, there are several benefits to this, aside from the fact that it looks neater. In the main, he says, “it means there’s less chance of errors creeping in. Because the app can detect what is in that PC on its own, if something has been tweaked since it left the manufacturer – a memory upgrade, for example – we’ll reflect that in the on-screen details, which isn’t possible when you’re relying on a printed ticket.”


A creative partnership

A lot of the messaging and other content comes straight from NVIDIA, which The Creative Engine shapes to work in a retail demo. At the same time, The Creative Engine tailors the calls to action to make them as effective as possible, and offers both retailers and manufacturers the chance to customize the content.

Manufacturers can insert whatever additional details their research suggests would help their machines stand out in the store, such as “better speakers” or “ergonomic keyboard”, and the demo loop itself is customisable. Retailers can add their own logos, and manufacturers can roll in additional content, such as bespoke videos. This is all handled by a simple administrative interface, so there’s no need to refer back to The Creative Engine to action any changes.


The future

“There is potential to extend the system further by adding a product selector,” Mostafa says. “That way it would be able to recommend services and add-on devices by asking customers some simple questions about the way they use a computer. We could also add the option to deliver remote content updates and manage the system over the internet.”

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