Much of what we do at The Creative Engine is designed to work to the SCORM standards. But what is SCORM, and why is it such a hot topic in education – and eLearning in particular?


Disquiet before the SCORM

The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) was signed into being by Bill Clinton (yes that one), thanks to an executive order that set up a task force on learning. The aim was to encourage the take-up of digital learning tools, at a time when the Internet was gaining mass adoption, and the dominance of CD-ROMs and DVDs was under threat.

This posed several issues, not least of which was the fact that while CDs and DVDs were stand-alone products, with their own user interfaces and ways of presenting information, the Internet was a global platform. If education was set to go online, it would need to conform to an open, worldwide standard.

So, SCORM was born under the auspices of Advanced Distributed Learning, a subsidiary of the Department of Defence, which had itself championed the Internet from its very earliest days.

It defined the way in which information was stored, shared and presented, and although the first specification, 2000’s SCORM 1, was short-lived and quickly superseded, the current standard has been in use since 2004, and was amended in 2009 to improve data portability and longevity. With 12 years of content written to the latest SCORM standard, the 2004 iteration offers an unrivalled learning opportunity, and one that we’re committed to working with at The Creative Engine.


Under the hood

SCORM content comprises several different components, which run inside a Learning Management System (LMS). If you don’t have an LMS already, we can supply one when setting up your course and even provide you with hosting and maintenance.

By complying with the SCORM standard, our structured training content is easily moved between different servers and can be accessed on any device from a full-blown desktop computer, down to a smartphone, so enrolled staff can learn whenever and wherever is most convenient. They can also pause and resume the course as required, so won’t be discouraged from dipping in and out when they have a few minutes to spare.

The SCORM system enables our clients to track their trainees progress as they work through each module, and helps them identify areas that might need individual attention.


SCORMing ahead

By working within the SCORM framework we are able to guarantee that the training programmes we develop will be compatible with any compliant Learning Management System, and that we – and our clients – will benefit from any improvements that its ongoing evolution brings about.

It’s akin to having a team of back-end compliance team working on our behalf, freeing us up to create the most cutting-edge, engaging content possible for our clients, while taking advantage of best practice in elearning.

To discuss how you can employ a SCORM-compliant Learning Management System in your business, and how The Creative Engine can create tailored content for your staff, call us on +44 1483 799 200, or Talk to us today.