When Nest wanted to improve customer experience in retail stores, it asked The Creative Engine to help. As one of the leading smart home suppliers, it needed a partner who knew how to show off its products through real-life point of sale.

The result was such a success, Nest asked us to expand it. With new products, extra languages and increased exposure in outlets through Europe, the second iteration is set to give shoppers a taste of what it’s like to live with its products.


Recreating real-world experiences

Nest products use smartphones and tablets to interface with home appliances. From thermostats to security cameras, they swap data with smart devices in every room of the house. To replicate this in a retail store, we simulated a lot of their functions, reproduced their interfaces and built an interactive display that helped the customer understand what they were like to use.

Initially written to target the French and Dutch markets, Nest has now commissioned three further languages – German, Italian and Spanish – with users able to switch between then at will.

This is unusual, as most clients ask us to build bespoke products for each territory. With expertise in producing multi-lingual retail experiences, we quickly adapted to fit, and now the platform is ready to take as many languages as Nest needs.


A four-party partnership

“It’s an exciting project for us because it’s so public facing,” says Paul Watson, The Creative Engine’s Creative Lead. “It’s running on a large touch screen, mounted on an impressive stand, so it’s a great product to show off. It’s a bespoke piece of hardware, too, and we’ve developed the software specifically to meet Nest’s requirements, so it can’t be used by anyone else.”

The hardware itself has been outsourced, and two third-parties who dealing with installation and merchandising the stand, so the team at The Creative Engine is liaising with several suppliers to pull the whole project together – as well as looking at how it can take things further.

“We’re working on a connected version that uses the hardware’s built-in Wi-Fi,” Paul explains. “That’s currently running as a pilot, pulling down content from the cloud, which it plays to a schedule so it’s only ever shown when it’s relevant.”

Behind the scenes, the kiosks will be gathering data for usage analysis.

“Nest will get a lot of valuable feedback from this, such as which sections the customer spends most time with. If the stores choose, they can even link these metrics to sales data, to gauge directly how one is affecting the other.”

Currently at the pilot stage in France, “connected” is due for a wider European rollout later this year.

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