GDPR, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations, will come into law in May 2018. The result will be so far-reaching that business cannot afford to ignore it. With just five months to go, we have been asked by several clients to help their staff get ready for one of the biggest data handling changes that Europe – and Britain – has ever seen.


Planning for a post-EU Britain

After the UK completes its withdrawal from the European Union, GDPR will still apply. Wherever it is based, inside the union or out, any organisation handling EU citizens’ personal data after 25 May 2018 will be subject to the same regulations, and the same penalties for non-compliance.

Meanwhile, Westminster is debating the UK Data Protection Bill, which incorporates the requirements of GDPR directly into the British statute book, and adds specific clauses to deal with our own domestic requirements where it finds any deviation.

It is vital that any staff who deal with customers, or who handle their data, understand what GDPR and the UK Bill entail. That’s why you have no time to lose if you don’t already have a training programme in place.


No size fits all

While the EU’s rules are clearly defined, no single set will fit every business, so even if your staff have been trained elsewhere before coming to you, there is no guarantee that their existing knowledge will suit your business. Larger organisations need designated data protection controllers, and the fines for non-compliance can be much higher. If your business is larger or smaller, the same rules may not apply.

These are just two of the reasons why generic training or webinars aren’t good enough – and it isn’t fair on your staff, either. If you’ve always hired the best candidates, they’ll be smart enough to know when a course doesn’t suit their role, or your business needs. Asking them to sit through material that they can’t employ right away is often a waste of their time – and a waste of your money.

That’s why every eLearning solution we build is designed with one person in mind: the person who will view it. Where GDPR is concerned, we can cover everything in detail; from the need to secure a double opt-in on every subscription, why data needs to be portable, and what to do when a customer asks to be forgotten, always with a specific focus on how it applies to your business.

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