Creative, innovative and professional: that’s how our clients describe The Creative Engine.

We truly care what our customers think, and there’s no better way to find out what they feel than to ask them. We sent surveys to some of retail’s most recognised names, all of whom we’ve been working with in 2016, and asked them to rate us on a range of criteria.

The results were even better than we’d hoped. Here is a selection of our client remarks:

Communication is key

“Your creative content and approach is great,” said one client. “You’re clearly looking at our guidelines and the way we talk to customers, which makes things much easier.”

It was a sentiment shared by several others, who talked of “great teamwork and professionalism”, confidence that “we’ve found the right team for the job” and how The Creative Engine “always comes prepared and works hard to deliver on programme goals”.

Many of our clients said that our ongoing communication was particularly strong, with comments ranging from “really good” to “excellent”, alongside an appreciation of the way in which we “manage project expectations and troubleshoot issues and concerns”.

We have spent thirty years perfecting this side of our business, and pride ourselves in involving clients intimately in the development of their projects. We talk to them at least once a week, and have something new to show them every fortnight or less. Where other creative studios might hide themselves away until it’s too late to backtrack on their own pet designs, we believe in working alongside our clients every step of the way.


Creative by name, creative by nature

Creativity is a large part of our business – it’s in our name, after all – so it was little surprise that we scored so highly on that criteria. Two thirds of respondents rated us “flipping fantastic”, and another slice said we were “simply superb”.

“Your final artwork is good, and your attention to detail is great,” one respondent chipped in, with another adding that we were really “stretching creativity – you guys are ‘quality’ in this area”.


Backed by technical excellence

While we couldn’t be happier with our creativity ratings, we scored even more highly on technical excellence, with 90% of our clients rating us well above average. Clients commented we had “strong expertise” and were “technically innovative”.

We’ve continually striven to excel in this area, and we’re constantly innovating. Our ground-breaking work for Dixons Carphone was nominated for a Retail Week Award for Consumer Innovation, and we’ve been working with Microsoft, Nest, and NVIDIA to roll out our best-in-class retail solutions.


Building long-term relationships

Some of the clients we talked to are new, but we’ve been working with many others for years. Across the board, though, their experiences – and their thoughts about The Creative Engine – have been overwhelmingly positive. Naturally we’d like to thank them for the time they gave to filling out the survey, and their comments, all of which we’ve taken on-board.

We’re proud that some of our longest relationships stretch back twenty-five years or more, and look forward to many more years of working hard both with you and for you to maintain our high standards and excellent rates of customer satisfaction.

Actions speak louder than words. Call The Creative Engine on +44 1483 799 200, or Talk to us today and we’ll show you why our clients return year after year.

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