When delivered correctly, scenario-based training is one of the most effective ways to train your staff.

Simulate customer interactions that will improve confidence, knowledge and, most importantly, customer engagement.

Our accelerators are game-changing learning tools that deliver simulated scenarios with immersive content, realistic customer behaviours and nuanced language. They also provide a safe and natural environment for staff to select a response, then immediately experience its consequences – without fear of failure impacting performance. Any mistakes can be fixed exactly as they would in real life.

All accelerators are delivered using our learning management system (LMS), or are guaranteed to work on any existing SCORM platform. Check out some examples below, or talk to us about your specific learning needs.

O2 accelerator

Client: O2

Service: Accelerators

Accelerator is a branching eLearning tool, which runs on any Learning Management System, delivering simulated scenarios with immersive content and realistic customer interactions.

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