Intel - B2B IoT Website


We were excited to be asked to work with Intel on IoT Discovery, an online resource to help customers understand Intel’s high-performance, cost-effective and secure technology solutions. As well as giving an overview of the Internet of Things, the tool drills down into each featured industry, from Automotive to Energy, and Smart Buildings to Retail.

The Internet of Things is where devices and systems connect, driving a more efficient enterprise, one that anticipates and responds to today’s customer and market dynamics. By 2020 it’s estimated there will be some 50 billion connected devices on the planet, that’s roughly 7 per person.

We created an engaging cityscape that utilised a dynamic parallax effect. The simple and iconic illustrative style allows new vertical segments to be added with ease. The videos clearly explain how Intel’s solutions help their customers gain an advantage faster. Diving deeper into collateral such case studies gives more detailed information for each featured industry.