What if we told you there was a way for your business to benefit from your staff’s mistakes? It all comes down to how and where they’re made.

Naturally, if those mistakes happen when you are dealing with a real customer they can lead to lost sales, but if they occur during role play, that’s a different matter. So long as the staff don’t feel vulnerable, learning from their mistakes can actually reinforce good practice and help them gain experience.


The trouble with roleplay

Traditional role play only works well if everyone gives it their all. Achieving this is harder than you’d imagine, since some will shrink into the shadows when asked to perform in front of their colleagues.

The result could be a skewed experience, the scenarios might not play out as expected, and the group may take away unrealistic expectations of what they’ll encounter day to day.

Accelerator neatly sidesteps each of these problems. By instead presenting staff with carefully-scripted scenarios, everyone, regardless of their confidence, receives the same level of training by role-playing with on-screen characters. Accelerators are truly unique to your business; scenario scripts and video shoots are produced specifically for your needs, and actors are selected by you from our large portfolio. The branching logic in the Accelerator design eradicates any chance of unfairness by presenting follow-up material that’s determined by the actions of the candidate themselves. The result is an uninhibited trainee who feels less vulnerable as they no longer need to perform in public.


Fair, accurate assessments

Live role play is notoriously difficult to assess. There are often several ways of reaching a desired result, and rarely is only one of them correct. That makes evaluation highly subjective and candidates can feel hard done-by if they disagree with the leader.

Accelerator takes a more logical approach, in which fully-scripted routines make assessment a simple and automatic factor built into – and driving – the simulated scenario. Feedback is instantaneous, meaningful and helpful.

Every decision made by the candidate undergoing the training determines what they face next, so the whole process is as accurate a reflection of a real-world experience as possible. The result is a system that’s easier to score and analyse, and which identifies areas for further development before they manifest as lost sales on the shop floor.


The anywhere, anytime solution

Role play is a resource-intensive process. It often requires the use of a large room – frequently off-site and booked at considerable cost – and ties up staff for a whole day as the team runs through the identical scenarios in pairs or small groups.

These requirements multiply as the organisation grows until they become unsustainable. At that point, human resources and management frequently start looking for cost reductions, and when training is cut, the company’s overall effectiveness and profitability can suffer.

That’s not the case with online training, delivered through a browser on any device from a smartphone up. Furthermore, because it’s available online, 24-hours a day, staff can manage their own training, outside of business hours and spend their working time where they’re most productive: on the shop floor.

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