Setting the scene

Sonos enjoy worldwide renown for their smart wireless speakers, in part due to the flexibility and functionality built into every product they make.

Their goal is simple: you don’t just own a Sonos product, you fall in love with it. However, first impressions mean everything in the consumer world, and a poorly advised first choice could be disastrous.

Rather than focusing on selling the most expensive units, Sonos wanted to train sales agents on recommending the most suitable option instead, ensuring a perfect match every time.

To achieve this, we needed to create a revamped learning experience to empower retailers with the tools they needed to demonstrate and recommend to the customers.

Natural evolution

Building on the success of our first training solution for Sonos, this new and improved learning management system (LMS) would act as a more bespoke, self-service tool for retailers worldwide.

Accessed via the OnlySonos Portal online, each retailer would be able to select and provide targeted training from a wide range of modules, featuring refocused content and enhanced functionality, as well as localisation in 10 additional languages.

The LMS would be run on Academy Point, and would capture data on each individual’s learning experience, giving Sonos vital insight and complete control.

Opening a new training portal

Initially, the training material felt more like an interactive video than a website – it looked great, but there was now a need to transform it into a more robust learning experience.

As we were building on an existing system, it had already passively gathered a wealth of data on user activity and preference – an invaluable resource that gave us some essential behavioural insights.

The new system would feature a completely overhauled and fleshed-out user journey, punctuated by engaging content and interactive knowledge checks likes quizzes and puzzles to boost retention.

Interactive notifications, trophies and proof of learning all helped to gamify the learning process and keep users engaged and learning for longer.

Sonos screenshots

Gamification for the win

As well as being fun and engaging, the content had to be completely on-brand – right down to the specific artist and voice actor that had become synonymous with Sonos over the years.

The majority of the content would be produced by our in-house team and the modules would be media-rich, leveraging a wide array of animation and layering techniques to bring static assets to life and make essential info stand out clearly.

Some modules would be entirely video-based, showing people using the products at home, while in others, learners would need to complete common tasks by clicking on-screen hot-spots.

The interactive modules would be specifically designed to tackle the questions that staff need to ask their customers, such as the size of the room, where the speaker will live and what they like to listen to.

Alongside showing what the products do, there would also be a focus on unique selling points (USPs) to help retailers and integration specialists advise their customers on the wider context and benefits.

Armed with this knowledge, staff should be well-equipped to make the right recommendations, backed up with relevant details.

How did it perform?

At present, the system has over 8,000 users and, after seeing a huge improvement to the quality of worldwide sales, there has been an appetite for further additions, with new content and modules being added regularly to introduce the very latest products.

After several years of successful collaboration, we are privileged to have Sonos’ complete trust – with pre-production units being supplied for testing and photography whenever required. It is only through this level of trust and teamwork that we have been able to create such a comprehensive learning management system.

The fresh new look and extended set of languages have really taken the system to the next level, ready to educate a worldwide audience.