When it comes to selling a holiday, the pitch is everything.

This means it is essential that the agent making that pitch has the knowledge and confidence to close the sale.

This was the driving force behind Hotelplan’s digital learning programme, as they looked for ways to revolutionise how their brand interacted with agents across the UK.

They turned to us to help bridge their knowledge gap, with an online learning management system that would not only educate agents, but also provide an entertaining experience to win their loyalty.

A modern solution

To guarantee success, we had to do more than just create a branded learning management system (LMS) and appealing modules.

Videos, enhanced interactivity and an intuitive interface would all play key roles in generating an entertaining and novel experience that always had the brand as a central focus.

Genuine engagement would mean better retention, and a hugely increased chance of a return visit – exactly what Hotelplan were looking for.

Bringing the dream to life

Close collaboration from both sides was key, as we systematically worked through the material, discussing ways to enhance essential information and condense it down into content for specific modules.

These modules would then need to be integrated into the AcademyPoint LMS, a specialised platform we’ve been working with for over 19 years. This gave us the ability to create and shape a bespoke, on-brand user journey that worked seamlessly with the content.

Agents could access the LMS directly from their office desks, making it a hassle-free process for them to learn at their leisure.

The digital classroom

The modules contained specific details about a Hotelplan break, mixed with general background information that would help guide the agent’s customer discussions. Intelligent indexing enabled easy navigation between these modules and ensured users felt at home and in control at all times.

To round them off, certain modules ended with a quiz to reinforce understanding. However, we were mindful that many people find quizzes intimidating, which is why each of them was carefully designed to be engaging at all times, helping to motivate completion.

This real-time training data allowed Hotelplan to closely monitor how performance affected sales. Based on these insights, adjustments could then be made to the content on an ad-hoc basis, to address any issues observed.

How did it perform?

The system has been rolled out to over 5,000 travel agencies, and the results already speak for themselves. Agents selling skiing breaks generated 9% more revenue than they had over the previous year, while those booking trips to the Italian lakes did even better, increasing revenue by 10%.

There was also a marked increase in motivation, with 21 agents closing one or more sales for the first time during previously empty months. This vital business boost more than covered the costs of the training itself, helping Hotelplan to keep growing and developing their brand confidently. Today, we continue to create new content for their seasonal products, while constantly finding new ways to enhance the learning experience for new and existing agents.