Setting the scene

Mod cons and smart devices have quickly become a quintessential part of modern living. Leading the charge on Smart Home Automation is Nest Labs. They are the brand and brains behind some of the most game-changing advancements in the industry today.

However, it can be challenging to communicate the full range of benefits Nest products provide using conventional displays. Customers needed an opportunity to get first-hand experience, right there in the store.

That’s why Nest reached out to us, to create a solution that would not only provide shoppers with clear and concise product information, but would also allow them to simulate home-ownership in a retail environment.

A display of power

To create an immersive in-store experience for shoppers, we opted for iDisplay, a market-leading touchscreen system, created specifically for retail.

The system features built-in security, and there are several screen sizes available to accommodate different retail spaces. The content shown on each would then automatically reconfigure to fit.

Upon approaching the display, shoppers would be presented with high definition content in an ultra-responsive, easy to navigate menu system. They would then be able to, at their leisure, experience bespoke product simulations designed to showcase the core functionality of specific Nest products.

Recreating the experience

On their most fundamental level, Nest products use smartphones and tablets to interface with various home appliances, ranging from thermostats to security camera systems. Home-wide control is achieved through the swapping of data between smart devices in every room.

To accurately simulate this functionality in a retail store, we needed to create a comprehensive digital replica. Essential functions and interfaces were reproduced and woven into an interactive display.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the display would collate essential usage data. This could then be analysed to provide valuable market insights, like product popularity and which features people were most keen to learn about.

Nest screenshots

Playing the part

Content could be selected by each retailer based on product availability, and access was controlled via the included password-protected configuration tool. Each store could then be certain that the most relevant content was always playing at the most relevant time.

The content itself was first localised for French and Dutch speaking audiences. Given our wealth of experience producing multilingual retail experiences, we were quickly able to create versions for each.

We have since added a further three languages for the European market and have enhanced the configuration to allow for the addition and removal of products for each store.

As the bright and responsive displays would feature a no-smear coating and provide exceptionally accurate detection of taps and swipes, we could confidently use a range of fonts and user interfaces without having to worry about smaller elements appearing to be blurry or unclear to users.

This was particularly important because the simulation would be representing Nest software. Any sluggish or fiddly aspects would reflect badly on the real products – especially as customers would likely be unable to make this distinction objectively.

How did it perform?

To date, the displays have had a huge impact for Nest as they have captured a wealth of insightful data, including who clicks where, how long they spend on each screen, and which products engage the most customers.

The result has been such a success, that Nest adopted the system and asked us to expand it considerably. With new products, and a further three languages, the aim is to boost exposure and accessibility across European outlets.

Following their consolidation with Nest, we also now have the honour of working alongside the sage folk at Google, who have adopted our display technology to not only promote their extended range of Nest products, but also for promoting Google Home in the US, Canada and Latin America.


I worked with TCE for almost a year on various projects that involved creating mobile apps made for training purposes. TCE has been by far my favorite partner to work with, thanks to their due diligence, efficiency, ease of communication and professionalism. TCE asked the right questions for our target audience, pushed back with expertise when needed, and delivered great results. Our meetings were always to the point, efficient, and a pleasure. The team was also meticulous during the planning and post-production phases of the projects, which was very valuable. The apps they helped us create were successful and received positive reactions from the field. They taught us the overall importance of interactive training content, an important future consideration for our team. I look forward to another opportunity of working with them.

Esra Ar, Associate Product Marketing Manager, Google