The UK’s largest privately owned furniture chain is undergoing an end to end transformation. As it approaches its thirtieth anniversary, Furniture Village is changing the way it does business. Its 50 (and growing) stores are going paper-free and rolling out digital systems to every department, from showroom and customer service to warehouse and delivery van.

The scale of this transformation can’t be overstated, and Furniture Village knows that to implement the program successfully it needs to invest in its staff. That’s why it came to The Creative Engine. As both retail and learning experts, we are designing a practical training programme that not only introduces the new system to its staff, but demonstrates how they can use it to better serve their customers and the business.


Designing virtual furniture

The new system, which is based on Microsoft Dynamics, will streamline the sales and delivery process and improve efficiency for their customers.  Sales staff will walk through the configuration process with an effective user interface, ensuring the customer gets exactly what they want.

“This is a seismic shift for Furniture Village,” said The Creative Engine’s Managing Director Andy Candler. “It needs to be rolled out carefully so that the staff, some of whom have been using the existing systems for many years, will fully embrace the new software. We’re here to help them do exactly that.”

Furniture Village will be selecting “Super Users” from each area who will undergo training in advance of their colleagues, so they can introduce the learning system to other staff in their particular outlet, and assist in any issues they may have.

“The learning content will consist of process explanations, plus simulations of the new software,” Andy Candler explained. “Staff will be shown pertinent parts of the software and challenged to click the right buttons to process a sale, a return, an exchange and so on. We’ll be building in quizzes at the end of each module to evaluate what they have retained.”


eLearning for every part of the business

The programme will cover both the front- and back-end systems, which are being rolled out in sync, so warehouse and delivery staff will likewise be trained in the parts of the system relevant to their roles.

“Until now, much of Furniture Village’s training has been classroom-based using DVDs and printed material, but it’s talking to us about taking some of that content, converting it for online delivery and enhancing the proof of learning,” said Andy Candler. “This is a very exciting project – and one that we hope will see The Creative Engine and Furniture Village working together for many years.”

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