We recently helped deliver a fantastic piece of Retail Theatre for the flagship Currys PCWorld Store in Hedge End, Southampton – called Lift & Learn.


What is Lift & Learn?

Lift & Learn provides the benefit of handling a product in-store along with the level of information normally only available online.  When a customer picks up a product, it triggers an information display that presents the main features and benefits.

Customers can interact to access more detailed information while still physically holding the product – creating real engagement.

If two or more products are picked up at the same time, the display can show comparative information allowing the customer to really understand the product differences – and identify the perfect one for their needs.


Retail Theatre in Hedge End

Currys PCWorld has six cameras on display with a specially designed play table. Each camera has a pair of dedicated information screens that display attractive messaging to entice the customer over.

When the camera is picked up, key facts are shown on the top screen and more detailed information about those facts is shown below.  For this unique solution you can even take a picture and it appears on the information screen automatically.

You may have seen Lift & Learn demonstrated at trade shows and exhibitions. Why not experience it today, in a real store environment.


Lift & Learn from The Creative Engine

Lift & Learn provides a simple, yet powerful, customer engagement solution.  Implementation is not complicated as The Creative Engine provide the complete package- from design to delivery.

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