We build innovative learning tools that engage, entertain and increase staff knowledge with proven results.

Blended Learning
We all like to learn differently. Blended Learning provides the ability to choose the right training content at the right time. We work with your company to decide the best hybrid delivery method for your entire training programme.

Your learning could be a blend of face-to-face, social learning, video tutorials, interactive content, traditional quizzes and gamification. There are many more learning styles available and these will be proposed once we have engaged with your learning audience, studied your existing content, identified your training difficulties, and understood your key performance targets.

Blended Learning is delivered using our Learning Management System or is guaranteed to work on your existing SCORM platform.

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Tailored Learning
Nothing is more effective than delivering training materials tailored specifically to you. This includes content that is designed to fully achieve your goals and objectives and content that is familiar and therefore more engaging for your staff. Our Tailored Learning is best-in-class and provides a compelling learning journey.

We work hard to identify your key objectives. We embrace every aspect of the subject matter in order to live and breathe your brand and values. Our training content can improve on-boarding, business skills, product knowledge, company processes, compliance, and many more aspects of your business.

If Tailored Learning is not for you, we have a host of other learning products available.

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Delivering scenario-based learning in the most effective way possible to inform and improve your customer engagement, accelerator is a fantastic learning tool delivering simulated scenarios with immersive content and realistic customer interactions.

Accelerators provide a safe and natural environment to make a decision, choose your response, and immediately experience its consequences. Practice without fear of failure; mistakes can be fixed exactly as they would in real-life

Accelerators are delivered using our Learning Management System or are guaranteed to work on your existing SCORM platform.

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Learning Management Systems
All our learning solutions are backed by the guarantee that they will run on any SCORM Learning Management System. If you don’t have an LMS in place, or you wish to upgrade to a more feature-rich solution, we have our own LMS available.

Academy Point is a Learning portal focusing on career paths, event management, interactive and social learning. It has been built in concert with our partner Cirrus Software.

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Mobile Learning
Learning should be more than engaging, it must also be convenient. Making your content available on a learner's personal mobile device allows access anywhere and at any time.

Mobile Learning is designed specifically for mobile phone and tablet screens and can be accessed both online or offline. Our Learning Management System will automatically synchronise your scores when it finds a data connection – your learning progress is never lost.

If Mobile Learning is not for you, we have a host of other Learning products available.

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Gamification is the addition of game dynamics into non-gaming applications, for example the world of learning. Nothing makes training more compelling than offering your staff achievements and goals throughout their learning journey.

Gamification can range from a simple league table, right through to complex gaming psychology. We can add these Gamification elements to your existing learning content, or build a module from scratch specifically to your needs.

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