Sometimes a simple in-store display just isn’t enough.

Perhaps your product doesn’t have a suitable screen for sales messaging. Sometimes its true value needs to be experienced first-hand. If so, an interactive kiosk is the perfect answer. From simple digital signage, to highly interactive content and immersive product demonstrations, we can help you find the best experience for your customers and brand.

Depending on the complexity of your product pitch and the desired user experience, our kiosks can leverage your existing devices, or can be built for bespoke, dedicated screen displays.

What’s more, the kiosk can record a wealth of useful data from customer interactions, giving you vital insight into what is and isn’t working well. Content and settings can be accessed and managed remotely, and, if necessary, the kiosks are able to run offline with the same level of functionality.

The right content for the right audience.

Each display is packed with smart technology to ensure maximum impact on your customers.

Our shopper recognition software not only detects the presence of those around it, but also their age, gender and even mood. This, coupled with our remote content delivery engine, means that bespoke, relevant content is always seen by the right audience.

All content is tailored from the ground-up, and can be precisely targeted based on the geographical location of each kiosk, including product info, special offers, staff expertise, upselling additional services, and anything else it is essential to convey.

With this transformative technology, sales can be completed without the need for even a single staff interaction. Scroll down to see our kiosks in action, or talk to us today to get your very own tailored solution.


Client: Darty

Service: Retail Kiosk

Anyone who works in retail understands that it is an industry historically underpinned by an ever-growing need to innovate shopper experience and modernise internal processes.

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