Sometimes it pays to forge an unconventional path.

We recently completed a piece of work for Seqirus, one of the world’s biggest influenza vaccine producers. With research and manufacturing plants in the US, UK, Germany and Australia, it was implementing a framework to guide every new piece of work, from board level down to reception.

The framework encompasses a portfolio management tool and methodology for managing projects, as well as defining the various stages that will guide a job to completion. Together, these ensure that every project with an IT aspect can be approved, assessed and signed off in accordance with the company’s objectives.

“This is a brand-new concept for Seqirus,” says The Creative Engine’s Andy Candler. “It is something the team there has been working on for a long time, so they wanted a way to introduce and explain it to their staff.”

The initial approach came from Seqirus’ UK office in Maidenhead, which believed it wanted to talk about eLearning.

“But when we visited, it quickly became apparent that this wasn’t an eLearning piece,” says Andy. “What they actually needed was a promo, which let us approach it from a completely different direction.”


Short, sharp and effective

Rather than use screen grabs, laced together to build the presentation, The Creative Engine produced an ambitious animation.

“There was some client resistance to the animation concept,” Andy admits, “but we felt it would be the most effective way to get the message across.  We have just had the last piece of feedback, and they are very happy with the final results.”

The animation runs for just under three minutes and provides an end-to-end introduction, not only of the concept behind the framework, but also its rationale. That might not sound long, but it has helped Seqirus side-step the conventional requirement of writing formal documentation, which staff would be less inclined to engage with.

As the framework had been developed entirely in-house, Seqirus was keen that the accompanying promotion had a similarly home-produced feel.

It wrote much of the script itself, with some help from The Creative Engine, which then engaged an Australian voice over artiste to read. Why Australian? To reflect the company’s Australian roots.

“The visuals are only there to back up the words, so it was important that the words sounded like they were coming from headquarters,” Andy says. “It’s only a sales piece in that it’s selling the idea of a new system to the staff themselves, rather than selling the framework to external customers, so we needed to make sure Seqirus’ own people bought in to it.”


Expect the unexpected

“It’s one of the longest animation projects we’ve done, but it’s certainly not the first,” Andy continues, while enthusing about the result. “It’s really on-trend, and it’s great to have a pharmaceutical company go down this route rather than opt for someone sitting behind a desk talking to camera. That would have been the safe route, but not nearly as effective.”

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