This year has seen remarkable change in the field of retail technology. If we have not been observing that change from the front row, The Creative Engine has frequently been driving it.

The innovative Looking Glass screen, which presents a 3D image without the need for glasses is the perfect example of an unusual and wonderful piece of tech that will further improve the shopping experience. We recognised its potential early on and got involved at the Kickstarter stage. Just this week, our faith in its potential has been rewarded, and we are one of the first companies in the UK to get our hands on a production unit for our test lab.

With its patent-pending technology, which produces 45 simultaneous views of a scene at 60 frames per second, the Looking Glass really has to be seen to be believed. More remarkable than the technology, though, is its potential application in retail. Not only will it draw interest more effectively than a regular panel, it will also let us build innovative content that cannot be presented any other way. It is ideal for a mass consumer market as customers will be able to interact and view our clients’ products from any angle and, as there is no need to don eyewear. The audience isn’t restricted to whoever is wearing a limited number of in-store goggles or glasses.

If you would like a sneak preview before Looking Glass units ship in February next year, get in touch and come in for a demo.


Engagement for every budget

Granted, Looking Glass isn’t cheap, but don’t worry if it feels like a market-wide shift towards the upper end. At the same time, we have seen enormous growth in the number of inexpensive displays designed to be rolled out quickly in temporary point of sale locations. Often housed in cardboard frames that snap together in seconds, and powered by batteries that last a few months, they will extend levels of engagement previously only enjoyed by big-ticket items to more of the shop floor.

The cardboard surrounds can be just as easily recycled once a promotion has come to an end, and the hardware re-used elsewhere. It repays a brand’s initial investment many times over and reducing the amount of display material sent to landfill through 2019 and beyond.


Movers and shakers

Both of these developments have immediate applications, but there is one other up and coming technology we are keeping our eye on to see how it pans out. Aculom Limited has developed an intriguing device that quite literally brings products to life on a shelf.

A sensor on the front of the shelf detects passing customers and triggers hardware hidden behind the product it is promoting. In this first implementation, that hardware lifts the bottle and holds it out, beyond the edge of the shelf, while playing a promotional soundtrack.

Aculom has rolled out an early implementation with Jameson which, going on video evidence, certainly does a good job of attracting passing shoppers.

Paired with the right brand, it could be a very effective means of highlighting special offers and limited editions. It is also a great example of the ways in which retail tech is heading in new and unexpected directions.

Embracing the latest developments can put you ahead of your rivals in 2019. Call us on +44 1483 799 200 or Talk to us today about how these and other developments can work for your brand in 2019.