You can’t take any chances where GDPR is concerned. As one of Britain’s biggest financial services companies, Prudential was well aware of its obligations under the EU’s new data protection regulations. Giving customers the right to be forgotten and opt out of certain data uses, with stiff fines on companies that don’t comply, GDPR is the most important and far-reaching rewrite of data protection law in two decades.

With revenues of £86.5bn last year, the maximum fine the EU could impose for a data breach would run to £3.2bn, or 4% of Prudential’s income. That is more than its total profit for the previous 12 months – and sufficient to put a serious dent in its investors’ confidence.

Recognising the potential in The Creative Engine’s Accelerator eLearning tool, Prudential asked the team to develop a programme to help deliver effective GDPR training. This would be rolled out to all staff who dealt with customers to ensure that they processed both new and existing data in line with the requirements of GDPR.

Accelerator-based eLearning gives staff the chance to practice without the fear of failure. Staff members are presented with real-life scenarios and asked to interact with on-screen characters. In this instance, they will encounter simulated customers, action their data protection requests, and even work through the process of handling a simulated data breach.

The Accelerator content will sit beside more formal GDPR training, bringing greater relevance to what could otherwise be a dry topic, and helping staff appreciate the gravity of the subject.

“It is a very precise subject,” says The Creative Engine’s Managing Director Andy Candler. “There are no second chances: the scripts have to be spot on. Because the content is based on real-world scenarios rather than specific legislative concepts, it will have a longer life and shouldn’t require updating for several years.”


In concert with Prudential

“Although the initial outline came from Prudential, we have worked closely with its team to help refine the scripts for the Accelerator platform,” Andy continues. “Now that they have been signed off, we have used our own staff to record them, get the flow working and deliver the result to the client team for approval. Assuming they are happy with the results, we will head to the studio for the production recording using professional actors.

“Naturally, Prudential have more formal training and assessment for its staff. Accelerators were adopted to increase engagement, develop familiarity, and provide an extra knowledge check. Users will get a score based on how accurately they pick the best options, though, and there is nothing to stop them repeating sections or even using the whole thing as an aide memoire.

“It has been a very rewarding project. Once complete, these two new Accelerators will be rolled out to every Prudential UK staff member that deals with data which, in the financial services market, is a very large audience indeed.”

The Accelerators will be delivered as SCORM modules for Prudential’s secure LMS platform. Accelerators will run on any device with a modern browser, although Prudential’s Accelerators were designed to use an older browser that was approved by its security team.

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