The Creative Engine has never believed that one-size fits all – in training or anywhere else. That’s why we tailor every training course and learning platform to our customers’ exact needs. We bring together the perfect balance of video, animation, interaction and virtual role-play, and in every instance, we make sure the medium suits the message.

That’s why we developed Accelerator, our scenario-based training platform. It helps staff develop essential communication skills whenever and wherever is most convenient, but it’s just one part of a wide and varied range of training tools that The Creative Engine can offer.


Digital training for the masses

We have spent the last 20 years designing cutting-edge interactive digital training. It is no surprise that the biggest take up has been among tech-savvy employers such as Sony, BT, Dixons and Sonos – but this year we have seen a marked shift.

Our long-standing clients have been joined by more traditional businesses, including a furniture retailer and market-leading holiday firm, each of which has distinct aims in mind.


Working towards a paper-free future

The high-street furniture outlet is undergoing a total modernisation. It wants to take its business to the next level by digitising every aspect of its ordering, sales and payment process. It is installing a new in-store system that handles customer orders more visually, and rolling out an interactive training platform developed by The Creative Engine.

Neither the tills nor the training have yet gone live, but the response from inside the business has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are already discussing a series of project extensions for delivery in 2017.

The response was very like the one we received from HotelPlan after rolling out a bespoke platform for travel agents selling its holidays. We helped it break with the status quo and show the travel industry that learning doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive. This modern way of thinking meant training could be managed more effectively and on a tighter schedule than before.

The effort is already paying dividends for HotelPlan, which has discussed expanding the course content with material from its additional holiday products.


The perfect combination

Both projects were product- and process-focused. They taught staff skills that continue to apply for years, repaying the initial investment many times over.

They are the perfect add-on to Accelerator, which will supplement them with skills-based instruction. Accelerator gives staff a safe space in which to rehearse, improve and try out new ways of interacting with customers as they practice without the fear of failure.

If you would like to learn how a variety of training options can help your staff deliver a better customer experience, call us on +44 1483 799 200 or Talk to one of our digital training experts today.