First off we wanted to thank all the people who have congratulated us on 29 years in this mad, fast moving, ever evolving, business.  To us it felt like just another year. Upon reflection it is an impressive statistic and we thought we would provide some background…

Our MD, Andy Candler, started working for TCE in 1987 when he had his one -and only- job interview with Ken McGibbon. Ken turned out to be an amazing business mentor and set Andy on the road to success.  We were selling presentation software at the time, and using it to make things called ‘demos’ using ASCII art.

“One of our first successes was a demo to help launch the brand new Amstrad PC1512 computer for Alan Sugar.  We thought we were selling him our presentation software, he obviously thought otherwise”

We soon moved into the amazing world of 4 colour graphics, then 16, then 256 in ‘high’ resolution.  Microsoft Windows soon got traction and our software was re-written to work with this brand new Operating System.  Windows allowed video and sound which was affectionately called “multimedia”.

And then suddenly this ground-breaking content just became the norm. Today we make content in 4K resolution as standard and we then render it down to the size required for our products.  Quality is always the main focus.

Our proprietary presentation software soon gave way to industry standards.  This allowed us to focus on; form, functionality and the user experience, rather than constantly tinkering with the engine.

We are now in 2016 and amazed at the stuff we have made for our clients. We have naturally met challenges over the years but we have always beaten them.  We have built systems to run on the most demanding of hardware. We have delivered over 2,200 projects running on millions of screens in over 35 languages.

“Since 1987, we have pioneered the business of digital media and helped many of the World’s biggest brands build the most unique customer experiences.”

The Creative Engine has constantly put our customer first.  We have always been ‘the best kept secret’ behind our client successes.  The team at TCE are the most professional bunch you will ever meet; they take pride in their work and strive for success at all times.

We are really proud to have worked with all of our wonderful clients and staff, too numerous to mention, and look forward to 29 more years…

If you would like to find out more about our experience; call +44 1483 799 200 or Talk to us today.