At The Creative Engine, exceptional customer service is at the heart of everything we do. To make sure we are delivering the very best service, each year we run a survey of our customer base to see how we stack up.

This year’s results are again outstanding. All the respondents rate us as ‘super stars’ or ‘flipping fantastic’ on technical ability, understanding their needs and objectives and delivering on our promises.

This was reflected in the comments, with client feedback such as: “You are really great about being transparent about what you can and can’t do, and not overpromising. We love your great technical capabilities.”

Exceptional creativity

Creativity was another area singled out for praise by our clients. One customer called out our outstanding design quality, while another praised our overall creative approach, being particularly impressed by the extra lengths our creative team went to satisfy them on their project.

We have worked hard over the past year to improve our five-step project management system. Everyone on our team is plugged into it, which means that we all know what is going on with different projects.

More importantly, it lets anyone in the company contribute ideas that help make the project a success, regardless of whether they are formally working on it or not. This was recognised by our customers, with one client praising our “great project management.” That comment alone made all our hard work worth it.


Highly recommended

But the icing on the cake for us is one simple fact – all of our clients would recommend us to another business, or another part of their own business. That alone shows we are delivering on our promises to our clients.

After over 30 years of working with some of the best-known names in the World, that is something we all feel very proud of.

If you want to experience our five-star service for yourself, give us a call on +44 1483 799 200 or Talk to us today to find out how we can help your business.