The first two installations of a leading point of sale system have gone live in Croydon and Southampton, showcasing brand new retail content from The Creative Engine.

Commissioned by Dixons Carphone and built by the Rudi Group, the in-store hardware features a pair of screens called an Imaging Wall, and a series of mounts for digital cameras. Each mount can detect when one of the cameras is picked up, and triggers an interactive demo, produced by The Creative Engine, on the Imaging Wall multi-screens. Going far beyond simple marketing messages, the demo combines video and tutorials that help the shopper to see how their chosen camera would suit their needs.

“Dixons Carphone chose The Creative Engine because it knew that we could do the job, regardless of the hardware,” says Andy Candler, digital retail expert and managing director at The Creative Engine. “We worked with Rudi Group directly and built the content based on the platform it created. Dixons was confident that this wouldn’t be an issue for us, so it felt comfortable pressing ahead with the platform design even before it had talked to us about its content requirements.”

Both companies were familiar to the merged Dixons Carphone. Rudi Group had supported Carphone Warehouse for a number of years, and The Creative Engine has worked with Dixons Group on retail and training solutions since the early 1990s.


Substance and style

The Creative Engine developed a fresh graphical style for this second implementation, which so impressed managers at Dixons Carphone that they are considering its adoption elsewhere in the business. “We have, in effect, created a new Dixons retail style without that even being part of the initial brief,” says Andy Candler, “and Dixons is already talking about a lot of other opportunities for working together over the coming months.”

The software that underpins the Imaging Wall is fully adaptable. It gathers anonymous usage statistics, which Dixons Carphone and The Creative Engine can use to adapt the content for maximum impact and effect. The data can show not only which products are most popular, but break down that popularity by both store and region, helping Dixons Carphone to better understand its customers’ desires.

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