At a recent partner meeting the conversation turned to website visitor analysis and lead generation. Who is visiting your site and how can you turn that data into a point of contact?

Our website has, for many years, been an animated business card.  We have always been focussed on client work, not The Creative Engine.  Yes, we have website analytics (Google of course) and yes, we keep an eye on what pages are working for us.  We haven’t focussed on who is visiting.

Many years ago we looked into visitor statistics but, at the time, the technology was not quite there. We haven’t kept up with the market, mainly due to the size of our clients where we find that they’ve already provisioned this technology and don’t require additional services.

Since the partner meeting we thought we would take another look and have been trialling five different services to see who the best is (for us). We have immediately ruled out two companies and we are still looking at the other three to see who wins out:

  • A1WebStats
  • LeadFeeder
  • LeadForensics
  • WhoIsVisiting
  • WOW Analytics

We shall complete the trials over the next couple of weeks and make a decision.

Please feel free to explore our site further and increase our trial traffic!

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