I previously wrote about the trial we were carrying out to test Website Lead Generation and Visitor Identification Software: http://creative-engine.co.uk/blog/who-are-your-website-visitors.html

We have completed our trial and have a found a solution that does everything we need. However the trial was not that simple, here are our findings:

  1. Analytics is very cut-throat, as soon as you start to trial one service you suddenly get website visits from rival companies.
  2. Pricing is erratic, and does not reflect the quality of service offered.
  3. Results are not equal, we have been amazed at how differently each company filters visitor information – their results never match-up.
  4. Not all trials are the same, some companies give you full access to their software, some keep their trial closed; demoing results on a phone call.
  5. Trial times can be extended, just ask.
  6. The relationship is invaluable, how you are dealt with during the trial is a very good indicator of what you might receive when you decide to purchase.

I must stress that each company offered a good, but different, service. We quickly identified two companies that did not fit with what we needed.

The final winner is … winners.  We have chosen two very capable companies. This is not a mad as it sounds given point 3 above.  The winners were:

  • WhoIsVisiting – a simple but effective service, good set of features, with a great user interface, and a fantastic price. http://www.whoisvisiting.com
  • WOW Analytics – a more powerful service, excellent features, a user interface that could be improved (call us), and a very competitive price.https://www.wowanalytics.co.uk

Overall we are impressed with the data that can be discovered from website visits.  It’s not the complete answer to lead generation, but a good tool to add to your collection.

If you are interested in marketing ideas for your product or service, please explore our website and see what we can do for you. We’ll keep an eye out for your visit!

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