• The four stages of learning:Learners start at unconscious incompetence – they don’t know they can’t do something.
  • In early training they pass through conscious incompetence – as they become aware that they can’t do it.
  • Then through conscious competence – when they begin to start being able to do it.
  • Until they arrive at unconscious competence – which is when they can do it without thinking.


What does The Creative Engine Accelerator do?

  • Simulates immersive real world experiences.
  • Reduces time needed away from the front line.
  • It’s a reusable asset, valuable for staff churn.
  • Creates a safe environment for a learner to practice.

Get your people to unconscious competence with the Accelerator.  Visit www.getaccelerated.co.uk to find out the secrets to our innovative eLearning.

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