How many other jobs could you do for more than two decades, and still learn something new every day? I have been here since June 1993, straight out of college, but the way our work has changed – and the tech we’re using – means the job has changed year after year, kept me stimulated, and always fired up my enthusiasm.

I guide the development team through the process of meeting a client’s brief. Day to day I oversee each project’s technical architecture and the tools we use, refining the way we implement our solutions to make sure we produce the very best content we can. The exact process varies from project to project, and some of the most interesting ones start as a loose outline, which I will discuss with the client so that together we can agree on the parameters that will make it a success.

It is a job with almost limitless variety, as our clients are so diverse and interesting. Several years spent working with Intel on an evolving, global project was very rewarding. Today, I’m just as excited about our current clients.

Outside of work, I am a family man and, like so many others at The Creative Engine, I have been bitten by the fitness bug. Fortunately, living close to both the office and the countryside is absolutely the perfect balance as it gives me plenty of opportunities to enjoy a healthy lifestyle outside of work.

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