Update: Paul left the company in August 2017

I’ve been here for almost 25 years, but the ever-changing nature of this business means every day brings something new. What I’m doing now is different to five years ago, and totally alien when you compare it to fifteen years back.

Whatever we’re working with – video, audio, a user interface – I’m here to make sure it looks right, sounds great, moves well, and fits with our clients’ brand guidelines. It’s never prescriptive, and we don’t have a set way of working, which means we can listen to what our client needs and adapt our in-house processes to suit their specific requirements.

I love being part of a small team, and one of the best aspects is staying directly involved with each project, right the way through to completion. We all take an interest in our work, and our colleagues’ work, and we’re personally invested in what the company’s doing.

Perhaps that’s why getting feedback is always a high point for me. Friends in other agencies can’t believe that our compact team can achieve so much within modest budgets. Some agencies might be bigger, but they certainly aren’t better!

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