I’m one of the newest arrivals at The Creative Engine. As a forward-looking company, it had advertised the role at my university, as well as on more traditional job boards, so I found it straight off the back of my degree.

A lot of what I did on my course was working with moving images, so it’s been great to find a design role that lets me apply that, rather than being restricted to playing with static graphics. I also specialised in user interface design, so putting the two together in my current role is a real bonus.

I work across all The Creative Engine’s clients, in both the retail and training sides of the business. That means I work closely with a lot of different clients, as I’ll often use assets that they supply as the basis of any interface, which I’ll bring to life by giving it a little bit of Creative Engine spin.

There’s no such thing as a typical working day here. Sometimes you’ll have a new thing to work on every time you arrive in the office; sometimes you’ll follow a project for two or three weeks, and it’s this variety that really keeps things fresh for me. I’ve also learnt a lot from the people I’m working with, which has enriched what I learned at university, and helped me round out my skills in the role. I can’t imagine a better first job.

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