Update: Martin left the company in April 2018

Design is more than a job: it’s my passion, so I couldn’t be any happier than working at The Creative Engine. Here, I’m free to focus on making things look great, exploring new ways of presenting information, and designing engaging eLearning content, rather than wrangling code.

I used to do something similar for a company on the south coast, and I’ve brought a lot of skills with me from that role, but the actual environment couldn’t be more different. Here, I don’t need to be a jack of all trades: I can focus on what I love while someone else worries about what’s happening in the background. It has freed me up to play to my strengths.

Not long after arriving, I suggested that The Creative Engine switched to a new development platform. Anywhere else, I’d have been ignored, but not here. We did an evaluation, and bought it to run alongside our existing tools. We are just working on our first big project using it: it looks great and the client is delighted, which goes to show how agile our firm is.

I’m constantly impressed by the range of knowledge and expertise here, and the fact that nobody discounts anything right away. Whoever you are, whatever your idea, it’s given a hearing. Everyone feels valued.

I’ve always been a gamer outside of hours, but since moving to The Creative Engine I’ve really got into mountain biking, too. It’s been a baptism of fire going from not having a bike all to tackling local hill climbs with the other cyclists from the office, but when you live and work in such a beautiful part of the world, it’s too good an opportunity to pass up.

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  1. Rob Taylor 2017-09-04 09:46:18
    Sounds like The Creative Engine was a really good move for you Martin - delighted to see that it is working out and that you are able to play to your strengths, well done to the management team for absolutely endorsing that. Good stuff! From your former boss, Rob

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