I’ve always been interested in software and it was obvious from my very first day that working here was going to be a great opportunity – not just as a foot-in-the-door but as somewhere I could learn about all the different aspects of application development.

I’m new, so my days involve a lot of learning, mainly from other people in the office, but as training is one of the things we specialise in, I know I’m in the best possible hands.

I started as part of the team developing a product for Sonos. They were quick to spot that one of my strong points is communicating, appointing me the day-to-day liaison point with one of our external suppliers to ensure everyone had what they needed to keep things moving forward.

I used to work at Boots Pharmacy, so this is a very different kind of job, but having come in from the outside, from a different industry, I can feed back with a fresh outlook. I like to think I have more of a user’s view of how things should work, being less schooled in the software development mind set. Anywhere else, someone in my position might be ignored until he has learned to conform, but that’s very much not the case at The Creative Engine.

Outside of hours, I am a bit of a movie buff, and I love playing competitive online games. That means I don’t get out as much as I should, of course, but when I do I’d always opt for a walk with friends, especially if it means we can get out and explore somewhere new as we catch up on the latest news.

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