The Creative Engine managed to do what I never thought would happen: it lured me into a full-time job from the freedom of working freelance. It’s been fantastic. It’s a great place to be: friendly, relaxed, and with a lot of interesting work to be done.

I’ve been here a couple of years and a real high point during this time is a project we worked on for Intel. It was an interactive demo, full of animations and a parallax background that had me elbows-deep in code as I worked out the technical implementation. It was a great learning opportunity, and something I’ve come to expect with every new client: even where I’m using skills I already have, I’ll come away knowing something new.

Before arriving at The Creative Engine, I spent several years working on web designs for customers of all sizes across a broad range of industries. Aside from my stint as a freelancer, I worked in-house at an agency, creating sites from scratch and customising existing content, and as an out-of-house contractor for a range of clients, developing concepts, sites and wireframe designs to strict deadlines.

Being able to call on such a wide range of skills has given me an intuitive feel for what looks ‘right’, and I’m employing that every day at The Creative Engine, where everyone has the opportunity to work across a broad range of projects.

Beyond work, I play far too many video games. I’m not picky about genre but my passion is team-based games. There’s nothing better than playing with friends, online and off, which might be why I get such a buzz from working here where the team ethos is so strong.

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