I create and execute test plans. It is a hands-on role, for which I need a thorough understanding of every project, so I read through the briefs and scripts – and sometimes even the conversations between our clients and product managers – then devise a range of scenarios to simulate actual user interactions.

It’s a usability role at heart, so as well as checking that a product is up to scratch, I’ll make sure that it’s logical and intuitive. This is important, as most of what we do is used either to train someone how best to do their job or, in a store, to sell products that could cost thousands.

I was a games tester before coming here, performing a similar quality assurance role for Activision and other leading producers. That was the perfect fit for my university course, a games design degree, and because it involved QA it was also a great bridge to what I now do at The Creative Engine.

It’s a great place to work. You can really feel the passion within the team. Being a smaller company, that passion runs from top to bottom, as everyone works together to get our active projects completed on time, to the very best of our abilities.

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