I am a training and development connoisseur. Before coming to The Creative Engine, I was the global digital project manager of a large medical brand, which contracted me to roll out a website to 33 countries. I trained the 100+ people who’d use it when it went live, collated their feedback and implemented country-specific amendments, too, all of which is directly transferrable to what I do today.

It was hugely satisfying to work as part of a big team, but coming to The Creative Engine, which is smaller and more dynamic, has given me a sense of belonging that previous jobs have been missing.  As a Product Owner, I have brought a lot of what I have learned along with me, and relish the opportunity to put my talents to use.

Day to day, I deal with scope: whatever the client needs, that’s what I guide the team towards building. I can concentrate entirely on delivering the product our clients ask for, while our Project Management team works out the costs and fits it into the schedule. I am vivacious and empathetic, and take pride in resolving problems and issues to everyone’s satisfaction.

I’m often one of the first to arrive each morning, and not the kind of person who can sit still for long, even outside of the office. Put me in front of a box set, and I’ll be reaching for my crochet within five minutes.  My outside activities vary from crocheting and learning new languages, to enjoying getting behind the wheel of a car and going on a road trip.

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