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We Know Our Website Visitors!

I previously wrote about the trial we were carrying out to test Website Lead Generation and Visitor Identification Software: We have completed our trial and have a found a solution that does everything we need. However the trial was...  Read More >

Who Are Your Website Visitors?

At a recent partner meeting the conversation turned to website visitor analysis and lead generation. Who is visiting your site and how can you turn that data into a point of contact? Our website has, for many years, been an...  Read More >

Unconscious Competence

The four stages of learning:Learners start at unconscious incompetence – they don’t know they can't do something. In early training they pass through conscious incompetence – as they become aware that they can't do it. Then through conscious competence -...  Read More >

Finding your slot

For nearly 30 years it has been impossible to find a slot for The Creative Engine to fit into with 100% accuracy. At companies house we are filed under "Ready-made interactive leisure and entertainment software development" - PHEW! On LinkedIn...  Read More >