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The benefits of simulation in retail and training

Some products are hard to demonstrate in a retail environment. Connected speakers, security cameras and Wi-Fi routers really need installing at home if customers are going to effectively interact with them. And without interaction, the chance of a successful sale...  Read More >

Watch us Sizzle – 2019

Watch our latest 2019 Showreel, featuring some of our amazing client work.  If you want to see more, get in touch for more product details. [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]  Read More >

How in-store technology has evolved in 2018

This year has seen remarkable change in the field of retail technology. If we have not been observing that change from the front row, The Creative Engine has frequently been driving it. The innovative Looking Glass screen, which presents a...  Read More >

How to make digital work for your business

We’re turning this blog over to Matt Sims. Matt heads up our sales team and explores opportunities with our clients. Digital solutions can help to transform a retailer’s prospects, but they need to be specified and implemented properly to provide...  Read More >